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テクノロジ:Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

1.You plan to configure the Retail catalog approval workflow to send notifications to users when specific
triggers occur.
You need to send a notification to workflow users when specific conditions occur.
For which two scenarios can you trigger a notification? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. A workflow instance stops because of a warning.
B. A workflow instance is completed.
C. A workflow Instance stops because of an unrecoverable error.
D. A workflow instance is canceled.
Answer: BD
2.You are setting up gift cards for a multi-company configuration. On the Retail Parameters form, you
select a company in the gift card company field.
Which responsibility is assumed by the company that sells the gift cards and processes related
A. liability
B. distributing cards
C. posting
D. posting statements
Answer: C
3.You are configuring the Retail catalog approval workflow.
For which three types of events can you configure notifications? Each correct answer presents a
complete solution.
A. document change requests
B. document rejections
C. canceled events
D. documents assigned for approval
E. document delegation requests
Answer: ABE
4.You need to determine which optional features can be added to a call center.
Which two should you choose? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Add the call center to the default assortment hierarchy.
B. Create scripts that appear in the sales order form at the time of order entry.
C. Add a call center channel.
D. Import a file that indicates duplicate customers.
E. Process the assortment for the new call center channel.
Answer: AE
5.A company announces on September 1 that it plans to add a new division on December 1.
You add the following information to the existing organizational hierarchy:
• a time zone
• a description of the change
• an effective date of December 1 for the new division
What happens to your changes alter you click the Publish button on the Publish changes form?
A. The hierarchy changes are published immediately and the changes are implemented November 30.
B. The hierarchy changes are published and implemented immediately.
C. The hierarchy changes are published immediately and the changes are implemented December 1.
D. The changes made on the hierarchy stay in Draft mode until December 1.
Answer: C

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