9割くらい出題内容はPassexamのVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731問題集の内容と完全一致です。
最新のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731試験対策をしっかり勉強しておけば、類似問題が多数と聞いていたのです。
高品質のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731試験資料を使用すると、試験知識を見せることができます。
弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731参考書を解き、解説を熟読すれば合格できると思います。
弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731試験対策は問題を解いている最適は思います。
弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731学習材料を勉強したら、本番の試験は問題数(85問)で実機確認をすると結構時間(110分)が余裕だと思います。

VMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731受験体験記には、下記のとおりです






弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731参考書をそれぞれ1周ずつ学習してもいいです。
弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731試験資料を使用することにより專門的な知識を深めることが可能です。
弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731学習資料を購入したら、最も重要な試験準備のことを実現できます。

試験名称:VMware Certified Professional 7 – Cloud Management and Automation Exam (VCP7-CMA)
推奨トレーニング:VMware vRealize Automation:インストール、設定、管理[7.0] 検証済み:VMware vRealize Automation 7

VMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731試験では、VMwarevRealize?環境のインストール、設定、および管理に関するスキルと能力がテストされます。

弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731試験材料の的中率は高くて、初心者として、高い点数を取ることができます。
最新のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731問題集を理解し覚えていれば合格すると思います。

VMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731出題内容の詳細は以下のとおりです


受験者は弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731学習資料の参考に使用してから、出題内容を習得することができます。
弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731勉強資料に受験された方の勉強方法を参考に、VMware vRealize Automation 7関する知識を行いながら学習を進めます。
弊社のVMware VCP7-CMA資格2V0-731受験対策を使用すると、勉強期間は12時間ぐらいに、試験に合格することができます。

1.A user receives a submission page with a red exclamation when attempting to submit a request.
Which option best explains this behavior?
A. The approver has NOT approved the request.
B. The user exceeded the allowable resources for that request.
C. Actions have NOT been assigned to that item.
D. The user is NOT entitled to that resource.
Answer: B

2.Which two items are required for an administrator to successfully create a vSphere reservation? (Choose two.)
A. A reservation policy
B. A business group
C. A compute resource
D. A network profile
Answer: A,D

3.What specific action must an administrator take before deleting an approval policy?
A. Deprecate the policy
B. Unpublish the policy
C. Deactivate the policy
D. Decomission the policy
Answer: C

4.A compute resource in a fabric group has 100 GB of memory.
The following memory reservations were created from the compute resource:
Business Group A: 60 GB
Business Group B: 60 GB
What would be the expected result of this configuration?
A. Both business groups will compete for memory resources.
B. Both business groups will be guaranteed 50 GB of memory
C. Business group A will be guaranteed 60 GB of memory
D. The configuration will result in an error.
Answer: C

5.Which two options are supported for the laaS database in a minimal deployment of vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)
A. Microsoft SQLServer installed on the IaaS server
B. Microsoft SQL Server installed on an external server
C. PostgreSQL Server installed on an external server
D. PostgreSQL Server installed on an IaaS server
Answer: A,C

6.Which two statements are true when configuring redundant, high availability vRealize Automation proxy agents for one vCenter Endpoint? (Choose two.)
A. Agent names must be identical
B. Agent configurations must include different vSphere credentials.
C. Agent configurations must be identical.
D. Agent named must have the same root with the extension01and02.
Answer: A,C

7.The vRealize Orchestrator Server Configuration for XaaS activity needs to be pointed to an external server for all current and future tenants. The default server configuration is currently in use.
Which two options accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. Log into the default tenant as a system administrator.
B. Configure the external vRO connection under theInfrastructuretab.
C. Log into the default tenant as a tenant administrator.
D. Configure the external vRO connection under theAdministrationtab.
Answer: A,D

8.An external vRealize Orchestrator is being configured to automate items in vRealize Automation. The plug-in is installed, but an administrator is still unable to automate items in vRA.
Which two items below will enable vRO to automate items in vRA, including aspects of laaS? (Choose two.)
A. Add an IaaS host to vRO using the workflow.
B. Edit the plug-in interface to add the vRA host information.
C. Add a vRO endpoint in vRA.
D. Add a vRA host to vRO using the workflow.
Answer: A,C

9.What is required to allow an XaaS blueprint to provision objects that can be managed from the Items tab?
A. A resource action has been created.
B. A machine blueprint has been created.
C. A software component has beencreated.
D. A custom resource has been created.
Answer: A

10.Which three scenarios are available for the IaaS database installation in a distributed vRealize Automation environment? (Choose three.)
A. Prepare an empty database and use theinstaller to populate the database schema.
B. Prepare an empty database and download the database schema from the appliance.
C. Create scripts for the installation wizard to use in creating the database.
D. Use the installation wizard to create the database.
E. Create the database using the provided database scripts.
Answer: A,D,E

11.Which two components are delivered by a load-balanced vRealize Automation virtual appliance? (Choose two.)
A. Proxy Agent
B. DEM Worker
C. Identity Manager
D. vRealize Orchestrator
Answer: C,D

12.Which two areas of the vRealize Automation User Interface could a Fabric Administrator examine to determine current consumption of compute and storage resources? (Choose two.)
A. Infrastructure > Compute Resources
B. Infrastructure > Reservation Policies
C. Home
D. Administration > Business Groups
Answer: A,D


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