VMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622の難易度は、初めて勉強する人には難しいと感じるレベルになります。
最新のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622試験材料に手をつけたときの正答率は9割くらいです。
弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622(VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Exam)試験対策をしっかり勉強しておけば、類似問題が多数と聞いていたのです。








試験名称:VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Exam
試験製品:VMware vSphere 6.5
推奨トレーニング:VMware vSphere:最適化と拡張[V6.5] 検証済み:VMware vSphere 6.5


VMware vSphere:インストール、設定、管理[V6.5] VMware vSphere:最適化とスケーリング[V6.5] VMware vSphere:インストール管理の設定と最適化とスケールファーストトラック
VMware vSphere:公共部門のお客様向けのスキル[V6.5] VMware vSphere:ファーストトラック[V6.5] VMware vSphere:Workshop [V6.5]のトラブルシューティング

弊社のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622テキストから類似問題が多く出題され、結果的に奏功できます。
同じようなVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622問題が出題されるので、確認しておいたほうがいいと思います。
最新のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622学習材料はPDF版及びソフト版を提供します。
ソフト版:真実のVMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622(VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Exam)試験環境と同じです。受験者のために、試験環境を適応することができます。
VMware VCP6.5-DCV資格2V0-622問題と解答を暗記しただけじゃ解けない問題が多いので、とにかく2V0-622問題集を解いて、問題を全て覚えるまで繰り返す。

1.An ESXi host?ˉs VMCA-Signed certificate has expired. How can the certificate be renewed?
A. In the vSphere Web Client, browse to the host in question. Click the Manage tab and select settings. Select System and click Certificate, then click the Renew button.
B. In the vSphere Web Client, browse to the host in question.Click the Manage tab and select settings. Select System and click Certificate, then click the Refresh CA Certificates button.
C. Run the command /sbin/generate-certificates on the affected host.
D. Disconnect the host from vCenter Server and reconnect it.
Answer: B

2.Which is the correct order for upgrading vSphere components?
A. vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, VMware Tools, Virtual Machine hardware
B. VMware Tools, Virtual Machine hardware, ESXi hosts, vCenter Server
C. vCenter Server, Virtual Machine hardware, VMware tools, ESXi hosts
D. ESXi hosts, vCenter Server, Virtual Machine hardware, VMware Tools
Answer: D

3.Which two datastore types are supported by Storage I/O Control v2? (Choose two.)
D. Virtual Volumes
Answer: C,E

4.Which iSCSI initiator type can be used with any network interface card?
A. Software iSCSI initiator
B. Software FCoE adapter
C. Hardware Independent iSCSI initiator
D. HardwareDependent iSCSI initiator
Answer: A

5.An administrator is attempting to power on a virtual machine with 32GB of memory. The operation fails with the following error:
Could not power on VM : No space left on device
Checking the space on the virtual machine?ˉs datastore, there is 30GB free.
Which action would allow the VM to power on?
A. Set a 2GB memory reservation on the VM.
B. Mount the virtual disk from the affected VM on to another virtual machine and free up space from within the OS.
C. Enable vSphere HD admission control on the cluster in which the VM resides.
D. Set a 2GB memory limit on the VM.
Answer: B

6.When using ?°Cluster resource percentage?± for host failover capacity in vSphere HA Admission Control, the total resource requirements are calculated from which two values? (Choose two.)
A. Total vCPUs assigned to each VM.
B. Average CPU usage on each VM over time.
C. Memory reservations on each VM.
D. Total memory assigned to each VM.
E. Average active memory on each VM over time.
F. CPU reservations on each VM.
Answer: B,E

7.Which are four attributes of the Active vCenter HA node? (Choose four.)
A. It uses the vCenter HA network to communicate with the Witness node.
B. It constantly replicates vPostgres data with the Witness node.
C. It uses a public IP address for the managementinterface.
D. It runs the active vCenter Server Appliance instance.
E. It uses the vCenter HA network for replication of data.
F. It provides a quorum to protect against split-brain situations.
Answer: A,C,D,E

8.Which are two vCenter Server two-factor authentication methods? (Choose two.)
A. RSA SecurID
B. Smart Card
D. Symantec VIP
Answer: A,B

9.An administrator is creating VMkernel adapters on an ESXi 6.5 host and wants to create separate VMkernel adapters for every type of traffic in the default TCP/IP stack.
Which three types of traffic can be explicitly enabled on a separate VMkernel adapter? (Choose three.)
A. Virtual SAN traffic
B. NFS traffic
C. vMotion traffic
D. vSphere HA traffic
E. Fault Tolerance logging traffic
Answer: C,D,E

10.When migrating a Windows vCenter Server 6.0 to the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5, which two will be migrated by default? (Choose two.)
A. Local Windows OS users and groups
B. Configuration
C. Custom ports
E. Historical and Performance data
Answer: C,E

11.A domain user is able to successfully log into the vSphere Web Client, but notices that the vCenter Server system does not appear in the inventory.
Which is the cause of this situation?
A. The Service Control Agent service is not running.
B. The vCenter Server does not have anyhosts added to inventory yet.
C. The domain user has read-only permissions on vCenter Server.
D. The domain user does not have vCenter Server permissions.
Answer: D

12.An administrator attempts to manually reclaim space on thin-provisioned VMFS6 volumes but finds that no additional space is being recovered.
Which could be causing this?
A. vSphere 6.5 does not support manual UNMAP.
B. The manual UNMAP operation has been moved to thevSphere web client.
C. The VASA version is use is incompatible.
D. UNMAP is automated for VMFS6.
Answer: D


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